Modest Footprint, epic adventures

Twin Mountain Off-Road adventure is a location that allows you to have some epic off-road adventures in a small area (as our customers can attest). You can leave at 10am and not return till 7pm and still only be on one trail.  

While there is plenty to explore, we don’t measure out our trails in miles. Our trails are all built on the side of a hill so you will spend a lot of time going up, down, or across our 50-acre park allowing you to use a range of off-roading skills.

Trail Levels

Our trails range in difficulty from Easy to More Difficult. We’ve implemented a simple color system to help you easily identify trails in your skill capability. Look for the trail signs and markers to make sure you’re on the right path.

Easy (green) 

Moderate (blue) 

Difficult (black) 

More difficult (red).

These trail ratings apply to dry weather days only. On rainy/wet days all trails go up one difficulty level.

Terrain notes and cautions

The black mud will just laugh at your all-terrains when it is wet.
The red mud will not only laugh at your all terrains, it is very sticky.

Hills and gravity will play tricks on you. When it is wet and you are trying to drive up a hill, you may well find you do not go anywhere. 

The ALR trail has a number of stretches that are off-camber with trees to catch your rooftop tent.

There are two log bridges on the bridge trail; care is needed to stay on them.

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