Meet John Bradshaw

The owner and founder of Twin Mountain Off-Road Adventure

John has off-roaded as a way of life in England, Africa, China, Pakistan, and the United States where he has driven everything from Toyotas to Land Rovers to bulldozers and dump trucks.

After countless hours off-road, John realized that all trails share similarities and all require the same skills and techniques to navigate them.

John thought that adding a challenge or task might increase the fun and adventure for fellow enthusiasts, and the idea for Twin Mountain Off-Road Adventure was born.

Here in the hills of West Virginia, we are uniquely situated to be able to offer training and resources to the DC area. We are proud to offer several training classes geared (no pun intended) specifically to Overlanding beginners and those seeking a more technical understanding of the mechanics involved in off-highway driving and vehicle operating techniques.

Twin Mountain Off-Road Adventure is one of the few centers that is owned and operated by an I4WDTA certified Trainer and Master TREAD Trainer.

Our training classes are an opportunity to get hands-on, in-depth education. Typically, we book closed sessions ensuring your party receives a 1:1 class with our instructor. All classes can be tailored to your specific vehicle and equipment /gear loadout kit.

Perfect for either the beginner or more experienced overlander, our park has several trails varying in degrees of difficulty as well as a skills course to test your abilities.

Twin Mountain Off-Road Adventure is a relaxing and exhilarating destination for East Coast overlanders and off-roaders.

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