Our goal at Twin Mountain Off-Road Adventure is for you to leave our facility with a solid understanding of how your 4-wheel drive vehicle works & how to safely and effectively navigate obstacles off-road.

We teach methods that protect both the vehicle and the environment and ensure you feel confident in your driving abilities. That’s why the instructor tailors each class specifically to your knowledge level, needs, and rig. 

overlanding classes

Overlanding I: Introduction to
Off-Road Vehicles & Driving

This Level I introduction of Off-Road Vehicles & Driving is the perfect first step into the world of Overlanding.

Twin Mountain Off-Road Adventure Center provides both instruction and versatile terrain to acclimate yourself to your vehicle and the sport.

Overlanding II: Basic Recovery

When Overlanding it is to be expected that at some point you will need to recover your vehicle from some type of stuck position or difficult terrain. 

This Level II class builds upon our Level I skills and terrain training and incorporates the use of recovery equipment. 

Overlanding III: Trail Skills

In order to reach remote locations and unforgettable experiences, it is almost certain that you’ll have to navigate difficult terrain on higher-level trails.

This level III class ensures that you’re prepared for any terrain you may encounter.

Advanced Recovery

Never worry about being stuck, in this class you’ll learn the skills necessary to perform real world recoveries.

Non 4×4 Specific Classes

How to change a tire & other Car Basics

(NOT 4×4 specific)

This class is suitable for new teen drivers, or adults who want to feel more secure on the road and their vehicle. 

Our no judgment approach offers a supportive look at your vehicle and what you need to know about it. 

This class includes hands-on experience such as how to change a tire, how to check tire pressure (and why tire pressure is important) checking and changing lightbulbs, checking the fluids and filters, how a vehicle works and what parts actually wear out and will need to be replaced. Why finding a good shop is worth it and how to ensure you’ve found an honest mechanic.

Non 4×4 Specific Classes

Professional Series

All the above class titles can be provided for professionals or companies looking for training for their employees. Either at our facility, yours or a third party location.

Instructor student ratio can be adapted as needed. 

Catering and accommodation can also be provided as needed.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We love a challenge. 

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