Our goal at Twin Mountain Off-Road Adventure is for all participants to leave our facility with a solid understanding of how to safely and effectively navigate obstacles off-road in a manner that protects both the vehicle and the environment, and that you feel confident in your driving abilities.

In order to achieve that goal, we have no judgment in all our classes. There is no question too basic or simple to ask. We take a supportive approach to understanding vehicles and what you need to know about them.

Exclusively Women classes can be scheduled upon request to create an environment of safety and support for the participants.

(Please note, all classes will still have a male instructor.)

Site Guidelines

For all-day classes, we welcome you to bring a picnic or something from a local restaurant as we do not have on-site food.

Classes are rain or shine. Check the weather for OLD fields WV 26845 prior to leaving. Certain practice/trail aspects may not be available in inclement weather.

Please dress appropriately for outdoor and/or trail activities. We require Closed-toe shoes and recommend bringing sunscreen.

Children & Young Drivers

Children younger than age 14 are welcome to attend any class free. If a child’s behavior becomes problematic, the participant will be expected to take corrective action, continued disturbance may result in being asked to leave the site.

Children without learners’ permits or under permit age who wish to participate must drive their parents’ vehicle with a parent in the vehicle. 

Young adults ages 14 and up who wish to participate will be counted (and treated) as adult students for pricing purposes.

Young adults with learners’ permits or licenses may drive their vehicle or a Twin Mountain Off-Road Adventure park vehicle with T.M.O.R.A. Instructor or parent in vehicle.

Vehicle Safety Requirements

These rules and regulations are for everyone’s benefit and well-being. If you chose to ignore, disregard or believe that they do not apply to you, visitors/participants will be warned TWICE (2 Times) ONLY  before being asked to leave the premises.

  1. Battery to be securely mounted with nothing capable of shorting between terminals.
  2. No fluid leaks.
  3. Front and rear recovery points to be properly secured to the frame of the vehicle.
  4. All heavy or dangerous items are properly secured to or in the vehicle.
  5. No apparent damage to critical components, any disrepair of critical vehicle systems, or loose items such as bumpers or winches.
  6. Operating seatbelts.
  7. Vehicle suitably equipped to perform requested challenge.
  8. Synthetic winch rope is preferred. If using cable must have cable dampers and use them.

Additional requirements for Side by Side (SxS) and UTVs

  1. Machines may not be home built or substantially modified from the manufacturer’s specifications in the sole opinion of the park owner.
  2. Units must be equipped with a steering wheel from the manufacturer.
  3. Units must be equipped with ROPS (Rollover Protection System) from the manufacturer.
  4. Machines must be equipped with manufacturer seat belts in good working order and MUST BE WORN.

Vehicles that do not meet these requirements will not be allowed on trails. If a vehicle is deemed unsafe the Owners/drivers are welcome to ride in other vehicles with that vehicle owner’s permission.

aCknowledgement of areas of Risk

This list is not exhaustive and is not intended to deter anyone, it is, however, intended to make you aware and informed of the rural and natural environment of the park. 

  1. YOU! Conduct yourself safely at all times.
  2. Other participants.
  3. Fire. Be very careful and observant. Do not light any fire without appropriate fire dampening provisions.
  4. Weather:  High winds, rainstorms, hail, lightning, deep snow, fog, and/or low clouds.
  5. Elevation about 2000ft, bring sunscreen.
  6. Wildlife and insects, check yourself frequently for ticks. Spiders, Snakes, Bears, Coyotes, and other animals are all native to the area.
  7. Deep gullies.
  8. Steep to vertical rock walls with loose rocks
  9. Off camber trails with dangerous drops.
  10. Moving vehicles.
  11. Steep descents, steep ascents.
  12. Dead or fallen trees and/or tree limbs.
  13. Loose falling rocks.
  14. Deep ditches and ruts.
  15. Deep mud.
  16. Steep tracks with loose rocks.
  17. Loose or stray farm or domesticated animals,  DO NOT approach.
  18. Rusty and sharp metal or old barbed wire fencing.
  19. Winch cables under tension.
  20. Low flying military and civilian aircraft.

Pet Policy

Furry copilots are more than welcome on the property. 

Owners/caregivers please observe the following:

  • Please pick up your dog’s waste from the camp ground, fire pit and pavilion areas.  (Can be deposited by shovel into the nearby woods)
  • On the trails and in the woods no need to pick up.  (Unless in the middle of a recovery. )
  • You are responsible for your pet’s behavior, safety, and any damages caused. 
  • Proof of rabies vaccinations should be easily available if required.

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