VGEBY Taekwondo Shoes Breathable Kung 新作 大人気 Chi for Adul Fu Tai /henware992590.html,Taekwondo,Chi,Kung,VGEBY,Shoes,4円,,for,Breathable,Tai,Adul,Shoes,,Fu,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness /henware992590.html,Taekwondo,Chi,Kung,VGEBY,Shoes,4円,,for,Breathable,Tai,Adul,Shoes,,Fu,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness 4円 VGEBY Taekwondo Shoes, Breathable Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes for Adul Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness 4円 VGEBY Taekwondo Shoes, Breathable Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes for Adul Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness VGEBY Taekwondo Shoes Breathable Kung 新作 大人気 Chi for Adul Fu Tai

VGEBY Taekwondo Shoes Breathable Kung 新作 大人気 Chi for Adul 永遠の定番 Fu Tai

VGEBY Taekwondo Shoes, Breathable Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes for Adul


VGEBY Taekwondo Shoes, Breathable Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes for Adul

Product description

The innovative shoes made of senior breathable material, which is durable, and non-slip with exquisite design and workmanship. It is lightweight and breathable, play its functional roles well, and ensure a comfortable movement, especially design for Taekwondo, Boxing, Kung Fu and TaiChi.

--EASY TO TWIST: Adopted Oxford soles, this taekwondo shoe is soft and easy to twist which give you a comfortable wearing experience. Non-slip sole design ensures a safe and comfortable wearing.
--SOFT amp; BREATHABLE: The innovative shoes with exquisite design and workmanship, is soft and breathable, which ensure a comfortable movement, especially design for Taekwondo, Boxing, Karate, Kung Fu and TaiChi.
--FULL SIZES: Simple and classic design with good quality, and we have 26-45 sizes for your choosing, suitable for both adults and Kids.
--WIDELY APPLICATION: This premium shoe is especially designed for Taekwondo, Boxing, Karate, Kung Fu and TaiChi. Also can be used as running or exersice shoes for its softness.

Shoes Material: PU
Sole Material: Rubber
Color: White
Size: 26-45 (optional)
Weight: Approx. 320-375g

Package List:
1 Pair x Taekwondo Shoes
1 x Cloth Bag

VGEBY Taekwondo Shoes, Breathable Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes for Adul

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