How to change a tire & other Car Basics


This class is suitable for new teen drivers, or adults who want to feel more secure on the road and their vehicle. 

Our no judgment approach offers a supportive look at your vehicle and what you need to know about it. 

This class includes hands-on experience such as how to change a tire, how to check tire pressure (and why tire pressure is important) checking and changing lightbulbs, checking the fluids and filters, how a vehicle works and what parts actually wear out and will need to be replaced. Why finding a good shop is worth it and how to ensure you’ve found an honest mechanic.

This information ensures that you are equipped to make the best decisions regarding your vehicle without being totally reliant upon mechanic recommendations and being at risk for unnecessary services or replacement parts.

Additionally, we can cover the law enforcement brief on being pulled over, and what to do at the scene of an accident upon request

** Please note, this is an all-day, 8hr experience with a break for lunch. We welcome you to bring a picnic or something from a local restaurant as we do not have on-site food.

Please read our Participant Information + Policies + Guidelines HERE

Classes are rain or shine dress appropriately check the weather for OLD fields WV 26845 prior to leaving.

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