Dimmable,/cottierism992263.html,Bluetooth,Defogger,,Speaker,,Bathroom,twinmountainoffroad.com,440円,M,with,Mirror,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,LED 440円 Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker, Defogger, M Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Dimmable,/cottierism992263.html,Bluetooth,Defogger,,Speaker,,Bathroom,twinmountainoffroad.com,440円,M,with,Mirror,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,LED Dimmable LED <セール&特集> Bathroom Mirror with M Defogger Speaker Bluetooth Dimmable LED <セール&特集> Bathroom Mirror with M Defogger Speaker Bluetooth 440円 Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker, Defogger, M Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Dimmable LED セール 特集 Bathroom Mirror with M Defogger 全国どこでも送料無料 Speaker Bluetooth

Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker, Defogger, M


Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker, Defogger, M

Product description

Size:55x36In Gold Frame

55 x 36 Inch LED Bathroom Mirror with Touch Button, Light Luxury Gold, Anti Fog, Dimmable, Bluetooth Speakers, Magnifier, Horizontal Mount

Super Clear. 30% brighter lights; CRIgt;90 close to sunlights; super white mirror glass. Quality lights plus quality mirror glass make the refelction super clear.
Super Design. The feature is the slim aluminum frame (6MM) with light luxury gold color. The professional LED mirror design team in the world.
Super Safety. Saftey is the top priority as the mirror is working in a wet environment. We are tested by UL(USA) and TUV(Germany).
Super Quality. Our raw mirror, lighting system, mounting system, and even our package box are made in top grade quality standard. Our mirror will last lifetime without erosion as we apply the epoxy protection backside.
Function 1: Anti-fog. Quality PET anti-fog film keep the mirror foggy free.
Function 2: Dimmable. Simply touch the button for 3 seconds to change brightness from 10% to 100%.
Function 3: Mirror and wall control. You can control it by touch button on the mirror or by the wall switch.
Function 4: Horizontal mount, easy installation, gypsum expansion screws are kindly provided.
Function 5: Magnifier. A 6.6 inch lighted magnifier offers 3X magnification.
Function 6: Bluetooth speakers. Two music speakers active when power on, you can connect it with your smartphone or ipad.
Quality 1: Raw mirror. Super white mirror with copper free treatment and epoxy protection can last lifetime without corrosion and with truly reflection.
Quality 2: LED stripe: 14W/M, CRIgt;90; Color Temperature 6000K, Cold White, LED lifetime of 50,000 hours.
Quality 3: LED driver. UL certified; Supply 110-130V, 50/60HZ; IPgt;44.
Quality 4: Package. Special honeycomb box. Additional protection for the corners. Safety guaranteed and tested.
Our LED mirror is hardwired. Tips: Please cut off the power when you connect the wires.

Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker, Defogger, M

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