Sleeves,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Long,Cas,Maxi,Floral,SheKiss,Sexy,Neck,/Haemosporidium992611.html,V,,Dresses,25円,Women's SheKiss Women's Sexy V Neck Floral Sleeves Dresses 超定番 Maxi Cas Long Sleeves,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Long,Cas,Maxi,Floral,SheKiss,Sexy,Neck,/Haemosporidium992611.html,V,,Dresses,25円,Women's 25円 SheKiss Women's Sexy V Neck Floral Long Sleeves Maxi Dresses Cas Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women SheKiss Women's Sexy V Neck Floral Sleeves Dresses 超定番 Maxi Cas Long 25円 SheKiss Women's Sexy V Neck Floral Long Sleeves Maxi Dresses Cas Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

SheKiss Women's Sexy V Neck Floral Sleeves Dresses 超定番 Maxi [正規販売店] Cas Long

SheKiss Women's Sexy V Neck Floral Long Sleeves Maxi Dresses Cas


SheKiss Women's Sexy V Neck Floral Long Sleeves Maxi Dresses Cas

Product description

SheKiss Women's Sexy V Neck Floral Printed Long Sleeve Casual Floor Length Flowy Evening Party Maxi Dress

This Stretchy female dress is perfect wear for spring,summer,winter and Autumn.This flowy Maxi Dress is comfy and vibrant and elegant,this Autumn dress will make you eye-catching to wear at Daily/Party/Banquet/Beach/Prom/Camping/Formal/Homecoming/Anniversary/Wedding.

  • S(Inch):Bust==33.54-36.66", Waist==31.20-33.54", Hip==39.00-42.12", Length==56.94", Sleeve Length==21.45"
  • M(Inch):Bust==35.10-38.22", Waist==32.76-35.10", Hip==41.34-44.46", Length==57.72", Sleeve Length==21.84"
  • L(Inch):Bust==36.66-39.78", Waist==34.32-36.66", Hip==43.68-46.80", Length==58.50", Sleeve Length==22.23"
  • XL(Inch):Bust==38.22-41.34", Waist==35.88-38.22", Hip==46.02-49.14", Length==59.28", Sleeve Length==22.62"
  • XXL(Inch):Bust==39.78-42.90", Waist==37.44-39.78", Hip==48.36-51.48", Length==60.06", Sleeve Length==23.01"
  • XXXL(Inch):Bust==41.34-44.46", Waist==39.00-41.34", Hip==50.70-54.60", Length==60.84", Sleeve Length==23.40"
  • SheKiss Women's Sexy V Neck Floral Long Sleeves Maxi Dresses Cas

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